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Intro Sliders - 47EB84

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When users first open your app you can have a series of slide showing any content

Use them to provide direction on how to use your app,

Tell them about who you are and what you do,

Make sure they are aware of the latest Products, Discounts, and News,

Each slide is completely customisable,

They can also be interactive with buttons and links, and

Can be used anyway in your app in any size

View Week

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All Information entered via the Time Sheets can be viewed on the device for workers to view and edit if required.

Entries are stored week by week with total hours calculated and can be emailed or printed as a PDF.

All information can be backed up to the server when they have internet access, this means it can work offline and information uploaded when workers return to the office, no loss of productivity when out of coverage or staff forget to 'Top Up' there account.

Site Sign in Register

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Staff and Sub-Contractors will scan the QR Code when they enter the site, and this will bring up the ‘enter Time Sheet’ screen or if your company only employs Sub-Contractors a ’Sign In' screen and information like Name and Site Address are automatically entered .

Rules are set (that also work for Time Sheets) so mistakes can’t be made; like start and finish dates on different days or the finish time is before the start time, or warning messages displayed if no breaks are entered, start-finish times are less than an hour apart or if they try to sign into a new site without signing out of the previous.

Track Staff and Sub-Contractors

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By utilising the above Timesheet and Site Sign in Registers, you have real time (workers require an internet connection) tracking of where your work force is placed. Even if workers don’t have an internet connection you can see that they haven’t signed in so depending on how you manage your workers this could just be a prompt to give the worker a call.

We’re not here to tell you how to run your company just to help you run it

Time entries are a simple process and clever reminders are included to keep workers updating their data regularly, time set notifications, not allowing a new timesheet to be started before the last is completed, & most functions will require signing into a site.


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A simple information screen with popular Construction profile details, such as;

  • Company and trade/role,
  • LBP number/classes,
  • Organisation membership number,
  • or any other details your workers may need remember.

Other functions within the App collect information from here, so workers aren't repeatedly entering the same information in or accidentally entering it wrong.


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The Info screen is a simple single image saved online that you can edit yourself when ever you like. By adding this function to your App you have a quick portal to your workers to provide them with information like; updates, contact details, upcoming events…

The image also has a web link so you can direct your workers to any website of your choosing. To update your info image and/or the website you want it redirected to, all you need to do is email us the image (480x800) and the web address.